Centralised data management is becoming increasingly important. ISARIA CONNECT helps to manage area-specific work more efficiently and to maintain a good overview of key data.

The platform for intelligent data management

ISARIA CONNECT helps agricultural businesses and service providers to manage site-specific work more efficiently and to keep an eye on everything. The platform offers simple and intuitive operations and automates data processing and documentation.



Convenient job management for the
ISARIA sensor system


Management, analytics and visualization of the data from ISARIA scans


Automatic documentation of area-specific measures

Application maps

Simple calculation of application maps based on satellite images or previous ISARIA scans

Connection to other systems

Possibility to exchange data online between ISARIA PRO Active and ISARIA CONNECT


Biomass monitoring based on satellite images, monitoring of temperatures and the course of precipitation

Q1 / 2022: The new features for the start of the season

Find out more about the new ISARIA CONNECT features that were released in Q1 2022.

Step by step. Made easy.

ISARIA CONNECT supports efficient job management and uncomplicated data management.

1. Registration

Easy registration using an ISARIA ID is all it takes to enable the portal.

2. Basic Data

The user then creates basic information, e.g. boundary maps, for their business. This information can also be transferred from existing programs.

3. Assign access rights

Access rights can be assigned to ISARIA employees and crop cultivation advisers.

4. Job Management

In job management, the user sets the required operating mode (e.g. fertiliser algorithm) and the necessary parameters.

5. Options

If required, yield potential and application maps can also be integrated.

6. Transfer

The jobs are then transferred to the tractor terminal and are available there.

7. System ready

No further settings on the terminal are necessary. After the field work, extensive analysis and documentation functions are available, along with information about your crop and soil.


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Product overview

ISARIA products are as varied as crop farming itself. The system provides intelligent solutions for digital agriculture.

Things to know

At ISARIA, we support farmers on their way into the future and offer resource-saving as well as efficient solutions for every farm size.


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