With the start of the season, 3 new features have found their way into ISARIA CONNECT and are available immediately.

1. Exclusions

Positions in the field can now be easily excluded. This is particularly suitable for e.g. water points, obstacles, etc., which can thus be removed from the field contour.

The function is located in the menu item “Field management” and can be accessed after clicking on a field via the “Exclusions” tab.

ISARIA CONNECT: Ausgrenzungen hinzufügen

2. Adjustments in the documentation of several measures

The simultaneous documentation of multiple datasets has been revised: Various parameters can now be predefined when creating the documentation for multiple datasets.

ISARIA CONNECT: Paremetereingabe bei gleichzeitigem Export von mehreren PDFs

3. Extended data analysis of the N supply index

Extended analysis functions are now available for the N supply index via the new menu item “Data analysis” . With the new analysis tools, the user can quickly and easily get an overview of the development of the ISARIA measured values of his fields and can use this valuable information for his further decisions.

The innovation includes the following analysis tools:

  • Overview
  • Ranking
  • modification
ISARIA CONNECT: Datenanalyse Funktionen N-Versorgungsindex